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Drs Kevin Zdaniecki (1952-2018)

SOMEONE Poetry about a poem Someone’s got to write about the burnt out sun About the rain About the pain Someone got to sing about god about god’s thoughts about him and herself Someone’s got to draw Someone’s got to paint about crying in a strangers arms about how their no friends at all Someone’s

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Monika K. Adler’s upcoming exhibitions 2018

Monika K. Adler’s upcoming exhibitions 2018: 209 Women – Portraits of the female Members of Parliament, curated by Hilary Wood, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK 209 Women – Portraits of the female Members of Parliament, curated by Hilary Wood, Palace of Westminster, London, UK – DECEMBER 2018 Tunis International Feminist Art Festival Choftouhonna, Le Théâtre National Tunisien,

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Monika K. Adler: Towards Abyssinia Part 3

Illuminations: Towards Abyssinia, comprises a series of photographic works that implicitly reference the life of poet Arthur Rimbaud. Here begins a journey of transformation inspired by his own, one of unrelenting reaction against established society. ’Abyssinia’ here is both state of mind and ultimate destination, the objective being to disappear, become the other.   The

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Safari among the Rich 2 aka Sick Bacchus – production design journey.

Here are a few images from the Sick Bacchus movie production design journey. These include Sotheby’s ‘The Impressionist & Modern Art Evening and Surrealist Art Evening sales on 28 February in London, which reached a combined total of £136,001,500, led by an exceptional Picasso portrait. Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée (Marie-Thérèse Walter)

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