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Monika K. Adler: Portrait 2018, CICA Museum, Korea

Monika K. Adler’s work Coyote, 2013 will be shown at the Exhibition: Portrait 2018, CICA Museum, Czong Institute of Contemporary Art, South Korea: Exhibition Dates: January 5 – 21, 2018. The work ‘Coyote’ is one in a series portrait works of the artist and her partner made in 2013. The work communicates the intimacy

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Safari among the Rich aka Sick Bacchus – Location Scout Part 3

Set in London’s Mayfair, Monika K. Adler’s upcoming movie, ‘Sick Bacchus,’ tells a story of modern slavery. The movie’s main character, the rich and beautiful Violetta Memling, represents a privileged group in society for whom material abundance breeds pathology. Every thing and everyone can be bought, reduced to the role of objects, made shallow and

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Review of Monika K. Adler’s work: a psychological perspective (fragment)

REVIEW OF MONIKA K. ADLER’S PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK: A PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE DRS KEVIN ZDANIECKI Fragment: In so many of Monika K Adler’s still photographs the unconscious psyche is attempting to communicate identity (personal and collective) along with most noticeably issues related to the boundary between life and death and the mysteries held within both. Mastery, in

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Monika K. Adler – Purification (2013)

THE AMBIVALENT BODY: ON THE SHORT FILMS OF MONIKA K. ADLER By Robert Smart Paraphilia Magazine, January 2014 Adler’s next film, Purification, is short, just under five-minutes long. The description provided for the film states: Affliction, purify, virtue – Seville, December 2008. Cardinale Alessandro Zacchia II decided to purify a young Polish nun to free

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Yggdrasil in the Feminism in London Conference 2015

Tommorow! Monika K. Adler’ s photography work Yggdrasil (2015) will be shown in the Feminism in London Conference at Hilton London Metropole. Hilton London Metropole Hotel 225 Edgware Road W2 1JU 24-25 October 2015 MONIKA K. ADLER YGGDRASIL (2015) One interpretation of the name Yggdrasil asserts that it refers to the old norse word ‘yggr’

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