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Eight years in London, the New Babylon.

Ostatnio nie mam czasu zagłębiać się w social media, ale! wstąpiwszy w dziewiąty rok emigracji w Londynie, postanowiłam odświerzyć nieco pamięć i napisać o pra-początkach owej ideei, która doprowadziła mnie w słuszne miejsce. ‘Słuszne miejsce’ – tak o miejscu, ktore pokocha ‘Cię na zabój’ – z pełną wzajemnością – i jak ‘Sezam’ otworzy przed Tobą

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Travel no End (2004-2020)

I’m fascinated with human existence – the moral choices we make, our mentality and psychology, and on the other hand, the extraordinary bestiality, brutality and low levels of awareness. Life has always fascinated me – it’s intensity, a liberation from the everyday reality frameworks in which people impose upon themselves slavery based standards. Breathing full

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Life is a series of constant changes…

Life is a series of constant changes; sometimes sudden and gut-wrenching. Higher necessity intervenes without notice or empathy. Acceptance brings quietude. I have no influence on the fate of the world, only on how I think and act. The current situation gives me an interval for reflection and transformation; rejection of false ideas and delusions.

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Safari among the Rich 2 aka Sick Bacchus – production design journey.

Here are a few images from the Sick Bacchus movie production design journey. These include Sotheby’s ‘The Impressionist & Modern Art Evening and Surrealist Art Evening sales on 28 February in London, which reached a combined total of £136,001,500, led by an exceptional Picasso portrait. Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée (Marie-Thérèse Walter)

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