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Abracadabra: London’s Transcendent Reverse, Monika K. Adler, Photo Review

New Article: Abracadabra: London’s Transcendent Reverse, Monika K. Adler, Photo Review, 6 August 2021 These photographs are the first in new series which looks at what lies on the periphery, between the realm of our cognition and the ineffable. https://www.privatephotoreview.com/2021/08/abracadabra-londons-transcendent-reverse/

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”Death and the Maiden”, 2020 aka Eros conquers Thanatos.

”Death and the Maiden”, 2020 aka Eros conquers Thanatos. #holyweek2021 ”Gazing at Adler’s photography, from a psychoanalytic perspective, Wilhelm Reich comes to mind. And, notably, his view of sexual politics. His contentions about the political implications of the suppression of sexuality in, for example, patriarchal based monogamous marriage are brought to the fore by this

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Drs Kevin Zdaniecki (1952-2018)

SOMEONE Poetry about a poem Someone’s got to write about the burnt out sun About the rain About the pain Someone got to sing about god about god’s thoughts about him and herself Someone’s got to draw Someone’s got to paint about crying in a strangers arms about how their no friends at all Someone’s

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Monika K. Adler: Towards Abyssinia Part 3

Illuminations: Towards Abyssinia, comprises a series of photographic works that implicitly reference the life of poet Arthur Rimbaud. Here begins a journey of transformation inspired by his own, one of unrelenting reaction against established society. ’Abyssinia’ here is both state of mind and ultimate destination, the objective being to disappear, become the other.   The

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Maldives of consciousness

Malediwy świadomości. Nie zarobiwszy na uczniach, mistrzowie stanęli w miejscu. Przyjaciele i wrogowie odeszli w pokoju. Ciemność i światło pokrywają się. Sens jest poza światem emocji. Na Malediwach świadomości odpoczywam Ja. Ponad dziewicami i kurwami. Genitaliami. Matkami, Synami i Ojcami. Ponad Bogiem. Ego własnym i cudzym. Ponad Ojczyzną. Historią i Bajką. Ponad trupami i niemowlętami.

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