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Chernobyl of Love (2012)

Chernobyl of love film review by Ada Cartianu

As usual, Monika K. Adler is shocking again with her unique and rebellious creativity. Chernobyl of Love is an intriguing film which can infiltrate at the beginning a fear of watching it till the end. With a dramatic consumption based on physical reactions and details more than anything else, the short movie by Monika K. Adler is an excellent exposure of feelings and meanings. The focus on details has a very powerful impact towards a deep psychological and philosophical meaning. The reality that’s going on in the film is an internal fight against the pain given by an unfulfilled love. The main character is representing the internal desire of the woman hurt in her love for a man. Even though, the viewer has the feeling that is facing the scene of a crime, the reality of the story is metaphysical. With a remarkable force we face an incredible extension of feelings and if we understand the internal drama of the movie, related even by the title, with no wonder the viewer will see the psychological exposure of the intimate fight to pass over a broken heart. The characters are basically feelings, there are no humans, there are only emotions translated by humans.

Through the whole history of human kind beliefs the action of eating human brain is related to the desire of immortality. Inside the story of Chernobyl of Love the scene with the main character eating the brain of its lover is a solid expression of a desired immortal love. Even the scene in which the dog is eating the lover bones the truth behind any other interpretation is that the woman is wishing to put away the feeling of love. Love is not wanted anymore when a broken heart can feel so much murder, when in fact the soul of the woman was mutilated by a man who trashed purity away. The pure reality is that the woman crying and shivering is not reacting that way as she killed a man, but because the man killed her love, the man took her innocence away leaving her instead a knife to kill herself. Inside out the resilient revolt of pain and emotional catastrophe, the woman has the power and strength to run away, to look for her freedom, to get over a broken heart.

From the beginning we are facing the true meaning of the scenes, as the title of the movie written and directed by Monika K. Adler is also the description of the reality that’s going on in the film. Chernobyl of Love is in fact the catastrophe of love, were this feeling can actually take us, what we can we feel when we are hurt, and how easy is to walk away after you find your strength eating the brains of love away.

Chernobyl of Love is a demanding film to empower women, to give them the inside strength that no matter how catastrophic love can be sometimes, they are strong enough to walk away, to be reborn and happy. Chernobyl of Love is in fact a love story with yourself.

Excellent work, Monika K. Adler! An intriguing masterpiece!