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Decoding and Female Power

Decoding and Female Power

The first element of any change is awareness. Any progress in our lives depends on conscious development.

Decoding (created by Daniela Czarska) is the knowledge of inner power. It is an innovative way of solving life’s problems by removing their causes from the subconscious.

It deals with life energy as source and manifestation of our power to live and offers a number of methods for removing the negative codes that reduce or destroy our energy.

These codes include negative views of the world, people, our lives, love, happiness and ultimately our possibilities. They are are all based in a critical assessment of ourselves; who we are and who we want to be.

By removing this inbuilt collection of negatives we can restore our energy, gain a sense of strength and power and an ability to live our lives to the fullest.

Decoding opens the subconscious mind and all that it contains.

The subconscious is a powerful intelligence and a genius that learns everything. There resides everything that has been handed down to us from the beginning of our lives. All codes, programs, constraints, stereotypes, principles, beliefs, habits, negative emotions and mental blocks.

But the subconscious mind has no power to change or delete these programs, only conscious mind can do it by taking decisions.

By working with decoding we can raise our awareness of our how our mind really functions beneath the surface of our perceived consciousness. Decisions then become more clear, understandable and conscious and we can determine our our needs with a clarity that is was previously obscured by the ‘automatic’ responses to situations dictated by our subconscious coding.

Women’s freedom and development lies in removing the negative codes, roles and beliefs which were implanted in us by centuries of patriarchy.

Society, religion, education, culture, parenthood, family, country and our ancestors history have all manufactured these systems of control.

We have been enslaved and designed for the role of a ‘giver’, forced into the role of an object, good wife, lover, mother, carer, cook, and cleaner. A modest and responsible servant.

We are owned by the needs of family, men, children, society and work and we have forgot that the real power, safety, freedom, possibilities and creativity are within us, not in the outer world and other people.

We need only remove old codes and programs and replace them by a new ones which serve to develop us with 100% self-worth, self-belief and trust in ourselves, own safety and freedom.

With Decoding We can change this.