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Exhibitions 2019


”Cruthachadh – International Photography Exhibition – Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow, UK

”In-Line” – Photography Exhibition – The Greenwich Gallery, Linear House, Greenwich, London, UK

NewMediaFest 2020 – the retrospective of Agricola de Cologne. (Monika K. Adler – ‘Involuntary Memory’). It starts at Addis International Videoart Festival, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

‘Gavin Turk – Portrait of an Egg’  – part of art installation: Monika K. Adler ‘The Beginning’ – Photo London, Somerset House, London, UK

Film ‘Involuntary Memory’ – computer display at the exhibition: Faces of Freedom, Nitrianska Galeria, Nitra, Slovakia

‘Compelling Dreams’ curated by Russell Joslin – Analog Forever Magazine, Fresno, USA – online exhibition.

II Mostra de Arte Postale – Museu Quinta da Cruz, Centro de Arte Contemporânea, Viseu, Portugal

Mail Art Final Burial curated by Ibirico, César Reglero, Domingo Sanchez Blanco – Museo Mausoleo de Arte de Morille, Salamanca, Spain

209 Women –  Portraits of the female Members of Parliament, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK

209 Women –  Portraits of the female Members of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London, UK

The Seeing Red curated by Kat KiernanDon’t Take Pictures Magazine, Boston, USA – online exhibition

209 Women – Parliament of the United Kingdom
Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool
209 Women Book – photo Lisa Tse
Gavin Turk – Photo London
Analog Forever Exhibition
The Glasgow Gallery of Photography
The Glasgow Gallery of Photography
The Greenwich Gallery
Museu Quinta da Cruz
Cementerio de Arte Morille
Monika K. Adler Don't take Pictures Seeing Red
Monika K. Adler Don’t take Pictures Seeing Red