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Drs Kevin Zdaniecki (1952-2018)


Poetry about a poem

Someone’s got to write about the burnt out


About the rain

About the pain

Someone got to sing about god

about god’s thoughts

about him and herself

Someone’s got to draw

Someone’s got to paint

about crying in a strangers arms

about how their no friends at all

Someone’s got to remember

to be kind

Someone’s got to have diseases

Someone’s got to be god

I am God

I am Boris the spider

Weaving my plans

For Iris my Spider-wife

Someone’s got to look

into the mirror

showing the ever changing daily

better version of our selves

Someone’s got to write

about the non-existence

of accidents

of life’s destined death

Someone must be God’s


of Sunday morning

of respect of memories words

of flowers falling to their knees

At the sight of the Tree

of the Wind

of life

of the Emperors plastic sea

Someone’s got to be me

someone’s got

to be my single lost sock

Someone’s got to smile

about laughter

about me

about you

I am God’s


I am Boris the spider

I am humanity

I am human

Someone’s got to write

about complex trauma

about trauma’s destruction of life

of art

of the more paradise in hell

than we’ve been told

Someone’s got to shag

drink and come

out laughing smelling

of Rosy Lee

tasting of tea

Someone’s got to be

Someone’s got to write

crazy poems

zombies, shamans & love

Someone 2018 copyright @Kez


Kevin Zdaniecki (c) FEEL Campaign


Review Of Monika K. Adler’s Photographic Work: A Psychological Perspective, 2013 by Drs Kevin Zdaniecki

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