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Lusted Men Collection 2019/2020

My photographs: ”Aeon Rose” and ”Portraits of Young Man, 2010′ are now part of the Lusted Men collection./Une collection d’images érotiques d’hommes, Brussels, Belgium. https://lustedmen.info/en/

LUSTED MEN: How do you proceed to capture the erotic aura? Is this a work you are used to do?

MONIKA K. ADLER: The characteristics of each person I capture that are the most interesting to me are their style and individuality. For me eroticism is less about the unclothed body, more about the style of the person; often one that expresses a certain intellectual perversity.

LUSTED MEN: Do you photography male bodies a lot?

MONIKA K. ADLER: I’ve done a great deal of portrait photography, some of which is of men, it often has an autobiographical narrative based on the people I have met over the years; it’s a common thread you’ll find in the work of many important 20th century photographers: portraits of friends, acquaintances and contemporaries.

LUSTED MEN: Do you photograph people you know, or models only?

MONIKA K. ADLER: I’ve always photographed the people that have met on my way, having travelled in a rather peripatetic manner for a time. Some of them were models, though this only occurred out of happenstance; if I collided with someone and found them interesting, I would photograph them. Fashion photography and that whole world never interested me.

LUSTED MEN: Is it strictly professional or you feel erotically engaged too?

MONIKA K. ADLER: The only person I’m erotically engaged with in my work is myself.

LUSTED MEN: How would you define eroticism?

MONIKA K. ADLER: Eroticism is the desire to transgress our discontinuous state of being.

It is a conduit to the ineffable, and there’s a lot of blood and guts on the way.

Aeon Rose, 2015-2020
Portrait of Aeon Rose, 2015-2020
Aeon, 2015 – 2020
Coyote, 2015-2020
Martin, 2010
Monika K. Adler Unknown, 2010
Unknown, 2010
Martin, 2010
Martin, 2010