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Monika K. Adler: Mystery. Beauty… and the Profoundness of life…

Monika K. Adler: Mystery. Beauty… and the Profoundness of life…, Piotr Grzywacz – Toronto, May 2016

Do you believe that artistic process can purify ones soul? What should be purified and why and how this can be done during act of creativity?

I believed that the artistic process can purify ones soul a long time ago. Today I know that the soul does not need to be purified. Soul is beyond God and Evil.

Everyone can redeem themselves if they have a will to do this. What may be purified, redesigned or decoded is called the sub-consciousness.

Violence is part of human condition? Isn’t it? Is there a chance that we can create space with no violence? How artist can commit to such prospect?

Violence is a tool of control used by people who want power or have power. Minor or Major.

No desire to rule over other people, no violence.
Art has nothing to do with this.

When you are angry what do you usually do?

Smile, roar like a tiger and smile again.

Who is your guru in terms of doing pictures? Do you have one?

I have no masters. I like photographers work, for instance, Helmut Newton, Witkacy or Francesca Woodman, but only film and literature can really influence me, only there can I find ideas which inspire me.

Who was your most important teacher so far?

Andrzej Żuławski, the Polish film director. I learnt from him the most.

Do you smoke?

I do not smoke myself, I only play the role of a smoker in my films and photography work. The smoke gives an additional dimension to the flat reality of images.

Do you feel independent? What makes someone independent?

My independence comes from mind control and 100% of self-worth. This is real magick. Highly recommended!

What do you think about Witkacy (see portfolio below) and his photographs?

Witkacy introduced me to art. His ‘independence’, life’s philosophy, disdain for mediocrity and incredibly authentic, still contemporary, portraits implanted in me a passion for self-expression.

What makes a good picture in your opinion?

Something unspoken along with composition…

When you will be gone what kind of picture should be left behind you… so the next generation can come and see you?

Mystery. Beauty… and the Profoundness of life…