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Monika K. Adler: Selected Film Posters.

Chernobyl of Love (2013)
Monika K. Adler, The Misery of my Soul, 2013, film poster - Aeon Rose
The Misery of my Soul (2013)
Come Back to the Trees (2013)
Involuntary Memory (2014)
Monika K. Adler, Mutability, 2013, Film poster, Aeon Rose
Mutability (2013)
On Being an Angel (2014)
Portrait of the Artist (2013)
Purification (2013)
The Beauty of the Shadow (2013)
Monika K. Adler, Simone de Beauvoir told me, 2016, Aeon Rose
Simone de Beauvoir told me (2016)

“Cutting across boundaries between consciousness and unconsciousness, or of time, race or culture, Monika K. Adler’s work exhibits and offers engagement: embracing anxieties, neurosis or delusions, which themselves can be full of all hidden secrets and/or memories (as in trauma related experiences and memories) of actual history (e.g. in terms of bodily and emotional abuse) in terms of our current state of being, ‘the now’. So eventually, with the power of the strength gained from coming through distress and suffering, liberation of the self as individual can be possible.”

: Drs Kevin Zdaniecki, Review Of Monika K. Adler’s Photographic Work: A Psychological Perspective, London, 2013.