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Nostalgia, Tagree Magazine, 23 September 2022

I am thrilled to share with you my photography work Nostalgia, 2022 published today (23 September 2022) at the Tagree Magazine – Online magazine for Photography and Art:

Thank you very much to Editor-in-chief: Michael Nguyen


The photography series ‘NOSTALGIA’ tells the story of an immigrant’s remembrance of a life disrupted by war. Cold earth and blackened gun-metal. Taking with you only the most precious and essential. Cast alone amongst thousands; forced, overnight, to leave their home, their family, their animals, and the places they love; fractious, precarious, putting their lives in the hands of strangers. You still feel it, every moment. It’s hard to forget who you used to be, and what was once yours. The new identity is painful, one described by your nationality, an absence, and the place where your heart still lies.

Through memories, you belong to a different place, landscape, climate, and environment. In your homeland the seasons had another smell and colour; the rain felt different, the sun was warmer on your face; the fruit sweeter; the trees rustled unlike anywhere else. These surroundings shaped you, and made you remember who you are, and where you came from….