Sacred Flesh, 2003


Cycle Sacred Flesh – some scares, some people react on it even with anxiety, but for others it is like a brilliant full moon illuminating a dark endless sky. I have not seen anyone react indifferently. After thousands of years of mindless killing, murder, and other barbaric acts of violence and insensitive pseudo-enlightenment thinking we stopped looking at the world in terms of wonder and sat languid and jaded in sloppy armchairs in front of the television. An overpopulated world of homo sapiens, proud of their power over nature delighted in the new system of voluntary slavery called work. The magic of taking life replaced respect for the miracle of life as more important to the continuation of peoples and societies. Today blood scares, it rages to Mars with the release of a serial killer. Blood is destruction and suffering, the magic of blood has been long forgotten — magic and life-giving flow which sustains the breath of our existence. Monika K. Adler is trying to remind us of this in her series of photographs Sacred Flesh. The images radiate love, warmth and comfort. Blood is the element of women, blood can change the history of the world. – Arkadiusz J. Krolikowski, Warsaw, November 2003.