Travel no End, 2004 – present


Travel no End (2004-2022)

There’s something profound about travelling. Not tourism. Travelling. When you leave your home, country, current life and go towards unknown. I always liked quote from the Sheltering Sky movie: ‘’A tourist is someone who thinks about going home the moment they arrive, whereas a traveler might not come back at all.’’ And I felt like that. The most intensive part of my travel was between 2004 and 2009. I visited at least 180 places in Europe and spent several months in New York, Buenos Aires and Damascus.

I didn’t have a plan, I relied on what the day will bring. By changing stations and destinations, planes, trains, buses, meeting people – some for a while, others for longer – I gave myself the opportunity to observe the world, and I developed as a human. What a freedom it was. Sometimes I felt very lonely, but also touching on transcendence. There were beautiful moments of contemplating life in its deepest form.

The photography series ‘Travel no End’ comprises over 150 photographs. It presents a creative image of what I saw on that journey. It is a kind of journal, not only documentary – but also showing the sum of my subjective thoughts, feelings and illusions. I was fascinated with human existence–the moral choices we make, our mentality and psychology, and on the other hand, the extraordinary bestiality, brutality and low levels of awareness. Life has always fascinated me – it’s intensity, a liberation from the everyday reality frameworks in which people impose upon themselves slavery based standards.

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