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Corpus Christi: Pelican’s Blood, 2024

‘Through the ruins of cabins and kiosks, and billboards  promising justice and redemption, they’ve come to where  the pelicans offer their blood; to gather with banners and  tapestries, on carpets of flowers; a small girl stares, as each  scene’s recorded, inscribed on the cluster of devices of those  crowded around’. Corpus Christi: Pelican’s Blood, Private

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Patriarchal Sabbath in Cologne

ADAF: Athens – Cologne Posters Surrealist Vacation Resort Athens 2024 *** ADAF Darkroom @ Alphabet Art Centre curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne with Patriarchal Sabbath, 2023 15 June – 11 July 2024 launch – Saturday, 15 June 2024 – 12h (CET) Vacations in the Subconscious Surrealist Vacation Resort Athens 2024 recently shown 16/26 May

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Pelican’s Blood

Pelican’s blood, 2024 We follow a girl, early twenties, up a station platform; her blonde hair plaited, ringed by a garland of flowers. She checks her smartphone screen as she walks ahead, her heavy costume: living embroidery, alive with roses. Next to her, a young man in rounded glasses, the contemporary imagination of a 19th

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The Fictional

As part of the Festival’s Online programme view The Fictional by Monika K. Adler from 1 May.� In William Gibson’s novel, The Peripheral, parts of a depopulated future London transform into anachronistic recreations of the past for the benefit of tourists. Around them, despite a catastrophic collapse of society, the structures of embedded establishment persist;

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Sick Bacchus film

Set in London’s Mayfair, Monika K. Adler’s upcoming movie, ‘Sick Bacchus,’ tells a story of modern slavery. The movie’s main character, the rich and beautiful Violetta, represents a privileged group in society for whom material abundance breeds pathology. Every thing and everyone can be bought, reduced to the role of objects, made shallow and laid

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