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Corpus Christi: Pelican’s Blood, 2024

‘Through the ruins of cabins and kiosks, and billboards  promising justice and redemption, they’ve come to where  the pelicans offer their blood; to gather with banners and  tapestries, on carpets of flowers; a small girl stares, as each  scene’s recorded, inscribed on the cluster of devices of those  crowded around’. Corpus Christi: Pelican’s Blood, Private

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Great Experience in front of me! I am a part of the jury in 8th edition of the Monovisions Awards 2024 – one of the world’s best International Black and White Photo Contest! Long live Black and White Photography! 📸🖤

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Summer with Monika

Summer with Monika ( Monika K. Adler’s summer exhibitions) Posted on June 4, 2023 Patriarchal Sabbath, 2023 (photography/video art) Patriarchal Sabbath is an allegory of resistance against gender inequality. Women must unleash themselves from the “male-shaped symbolic order.” Contemporary, atheistic, consumer societies are, at heart, the same as religious theocracies; all good people, still controlled by patriarchal coding.

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