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Great Experience in front of me! I am a part of the jury in 8th edition of the Monovisions Awards 2024 – one of the world’s best International Black and White Photo Contest! Long live Black and White Photography! 📸🖤

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Patriarchal Sabbath showing at MIVA 2023

Patriarchal Sabbath, 2023 (video art) Quito 2023 Vacations in the Subconscious 1924-2023 – 100 Years Surrealist Manifesto by André Breton Surrealist Vacation Resort Quito 25 / 26 August 2023 An inter/trans-continental collaboration between – The New Museum of Networked Art & MIVA Expanded Narratives Experimental Video Art Festival Quito/Ecuador @ Cinemateca Nacional Quito Special selection

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