Maldives of Consciousness (2019)


The Maldives of Consciousness, 2019, Monika K. Adler

These works form part of a new series that looks at what lies on the periphery of human consciousness; what is in the realm of our cognition, and what is ineffable? In our hyper-socialised societies, the ability to find the transcendent in the matter that surrounds us, the places we inhabit, has waned, where in the past it gave meaning to our lives.

On the Maldives of Consciousness I rest myself.
Over the virgin and the whore.
Over Genitals.
Over Mothers, Sons and Fathers.
Over God and Ego: my own and others.
Over the Homeland.
Over History and Fairy tales.
Over Corpses and Babies.
I am resting.
On the Maldives of Consciousness.