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Long live Poland! Slava Ukraini!

Today I am proud of Poles, as ONE of the few in the world they support Ukraine and our great Ukrainian brothers. Poland accepted and helped 575,100 Ukrainian refugees (3 March, 2022), thousands of Poles gave a temporary home to women and children and their pets! Long live Poland! Slava Ukraini! Those who write #stopwar insult the Ukrainians. You should write #stoprussia. Russian soldiers have raped, murdered, and robbed us for centuries. I know you don’t care; it doesn’t hurt me, but for God’s sake, stop spreading Russian propaganda. While Russians are slaughtering Ukrainian civilians, you are crying over the Bolshoi Ballet and boycotted Russian art and film sector. No more questions. Today you can see who is who. If Russia invades Poland, I will return there as a soldier. I will kill this ‘red plague’ like my great-grandfather cavalryman, hero of the Battle of Warsaw (1920). It’s a better ending than a long life spent in waiting for death in front of the TV in a nappy that always leaks at the end of the day.

Monika K. Adler

London, 3 March 2022