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Corpus Christi: Pelican’s Blood, 2024

‘Through the ruins of cabins and kiosks, and billboards  promising justice and redemption, they’ve come to where  the pelicans offer their blood; to gather with banners and  tapestries, on carpets of flowers; a small girl stares, as each  scene’s recorded, inscribed on the cluster of devices of those  crowded around’. Corpus Christi: Pelican’s Blood, Private

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Pelican’s Blood

Pelican’s blood, 2024 We follow a girl, early twenties, up a station platform; her blonde hair plaited, ringed by a garland of flowers. She checks her smartphone screen as she walks ahead, her heavy costume: living embroidery, alive with roses. Next to her, a young man in rounded glasses, the contemporary imagination of a 19th

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Long live Poland! Slava Ukraini!

Today I am proud of Poles, as ONE of the few in the world they support Ukraine and our great Ukrainian brothers. Poland accepted and helped 575,100 Ukrainian refugees (3 March, 2022), thousands of Poles gave a temporary home to women and children and their pets! Long live Poland! Slava Ukraini! London, 3 March 2022

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Body Ideals – Oppression and Liberation, Museum Ovartaci, Aarhus, Denmark

Great to see my artwork: Transformation aka Misery of my Soul in the exhibition Body Ideals – Oppression and Liberation, Museum Ovartaci, Aarhus, Denmark 24 November 2021 – 16 January 2022.  OPENING 23 NOVEMBER 2021 17:00 – 19:00 FERNISERING – KROPSIDEALER, Undertrykkelse & Frigørelse Olof Palmes Allé 11, 8200 Aarhus, Danmark Museum Ovartaci markerer flytningen

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Lusted Men Tour 2021

I am delighted that my works depicting Men are now on Tour! Lusted Men Tour 2021: Photography Exhibitions: L’image satellite – Festival Photographie Contemporaine, Nice France, Lusted Men @ Arles – You like to look at men*? Leboudoir2.0 during Recontres d’Arles, Arles, France, Babesday, Le 122 Tiers Lieu Culturel, Angers, France 4. La Nombreuse, Bruxelles, Belgium,

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