Existence, 2013 – 2018


Monika K. Adler’s work is certainly of high value, not only in her work but in terms of her dialectic – there resides the subject matter of human history. All the dialectical method has to do is unveil or reveal it-much as Michelangelo said he found his statue waiting in his block of marble – hence ‘truth’ is unveiled in much the same way, and this sort of ‘unveiling’ is evident in this female artist’s photographic work. It is also what makes Monika K. Adler’s perspective and ‘eye’ innovative and unique. Her ‘phenomenological truth’ gets rid of ‘artificial’ structures. Such artificial structures are found in the roles we play, our status, or within our sex or gender. This is another psychological perspective. But so far gazing at her work all perspectives add up to an excellent artist with much to communicate on many levels. This could also be gathered, even, from Betty Friedan’s Freudian mystique. As well as through Eva Frigg’s views of Freud’s patriarchal attitude. Choice and freedom are highlighted by Monika K. Adler’s work. From: Review of Monika K. Adler’s Photographic Work: A Psychological Perspective, Drs. Kevin Zdaniecki © 2013