Nokturn, 2003


Nokturn – Nightly existence marked by memories, reflections, dreams and phantoms of varying intensity. Cold, lonely times in the company of hidden instincts and fears. Who is the figure in the darkness of night? What is a conscious and what is a waking dream? Existence and nothingness, wisdom and illusion, truth wreathed in a shadow of madness. Photographs from the series Nokturn cross the borders of reality, they are a reflection of the spirit, escalating nightmares, a mirror inside the darkness. They show a world of highly intense sensations: internal abandonment, loneliness, weakness, pain, and despair. Nokturn was created from an inner need for self-destruction, a confirmation of the words of playwright Sarah Cane, that we must descend into hell imaginatively in order to avoid going there in reality. Sometimes it is better to die than live the life of filthy oyster. Nokturn is a story about crossing the borders of my own physicality, the story of my escape to a new quality of existence. Nokturn is a convulsive self portrait of my desire to liberate myself from the tentacles of darkness. Nokturn – Monika K. Adler, Pozytyw Magazine, Warsaw, June 2003 ©