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Sick Bacchus film

Set in London’s Mayfair, Monika K. Adler’s upcoming movie, ‘Sick Bacchus,’ tells a story of modern slavery. The movie’s main character, the rich and beautiful Violetta, represents a privileged group in society for whom material abundance breeds pathology. Every thing and everyone can be bought, reduced to the role of objects, made shallow and laid waste to. For Violetta though, her pleasant, materialistic life leads her to an existential hell. A hell filled with unbearable boredom, emptiness and loneliness which manifests itself in illness. She is admitted to the exclusive clinic of Dr. Gunter Berezovsky, who provides an innovative yet controversial treatment for his wealthy clients. Here biology, consumerism and exploitation take on a new meaning. Violetta is confronted with the uncomfortable truth about herself and the society she inhabits. Does she react?