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Monika K. Adler – Covid -19 Collection.

You can see my photographs documenting #covid19 era in the following collections:

COVID-19 ARCHIVE, Public Source, United Kingdom – ongoing project,  featuring documentary photographers, journalist and writers from across the globe who are going to great lengths to record these events as they unfold.

COVID PICTURES Collection, Portland, United States:


Entropy and assimilation. Life is a series of constant changes; sometimes sudden and gut-wrenching. Higher necessity intervenes without notice or empathy. Acceptance brings quietude. I have no influence on the fate of the world, only on how I think and act. The current situation gives me an interval for reflection and transformation; rejection of false ideas and delusions. I continue my work in unprecedented times. The emptiness of isolation is a mirror for the entire world, one in which we can see dark new galaxies being born.

The Truth, Monika K. Adler, 2020 #covid19